Awakening the Will

Our aim – right from the planning stages – is to awaken the will to learn and to apply what has been learned.

To do this, we use the inductive method and the seven learning processes, which awaken the will to act, reactivate commitment and boost personal effectiveness.

Coaching as a “Moral Technique”

We see coaching as an attitude. We freely step in and out of its established boundaries, using coaching to “color in” similar disciplines that belong to the same field: facilitation, counseling, management consulting, and mentoring.

That freedom, however, is not arbitrary; it follows a “moral technique”. In other words, we always ask ourselves, “What is really needed at this moment?” We have refined our senses and our ability to listen for anything, at any time, that might require us to initiate a true evolutionary process in our learning partners, whether they are individuals or entire organizations.