Learning workshops

Training? Not really!

The word “training” does not represent what we think, feel and do: it implies the idea of transferring content, “putting something into” the learner.

The word “learning” reflects us better. It places the focus on the learning partner, on their needs and qualities as an individual.

We don’t want to “put in” but to “draw out” what is already in a person’s possession, helping them rework their existing wealth to fit the different situations in which they operate.

In our workshops, we propose the Three Paths of Learning at the same time:

  • With the classic path, a facilitator accompanies their learning Partner along a specific path of awareness and improvement.
  • With Destiny Learning, we see that life itself confronts us with trials and situations, and how, by overcoming those, we can acquire knowledge, maturity and new faculties.
  • The path of Spiritual Research consists of the profound questions that we as human beings must all ask ourselves. Doing so allows us to journey into ourselves and gain awareness.