Organizations as “Living Organisms”

Threefolding: the signs of an organization’s “state of health”

Every organization is a human creation and its true essence lies in its people.

In our view, this makes organizations living social organisms and, as such, the very representation of threefolding, which is made up of three spheres:

  • The economic sphere regards the purposes and tasks for which the organization exists, such as meeting a demand and offering services that satisfy customers and generate financial returns for the company
  • The social sphere regards the relationships between the individuals who make up the company’s social system. This manifests in its communicative style, its cooperative spirit, its teamwork and its togetherness
  • The individual sphere regards each individual’s personal and professional development path, how they express and fulfill their talents and potential, their aspirations and how they acquire new faculties and skills.

This interpretation allows us to understand how organizations are created and modified, how they get “sick” and how they can be healed, as well as their ability to change and influence human beings, facilitating or hindering their development and evolution.

The Wellbeing of an Organization arises from harmony and balance between these three spheres.

This makes your organization a constantly evolving living social organism, a veritable “community of destiny”.

We represent this in our “Map of 10 Aspects®”.