In our partners’ words…

La parola ai partner

Cerchiamo i feedback come i cercatori d’oro cercano le pepite: chiediamo sempre ai nostri partner di dirci cosa hanno visto nel nostro approccio, cosa li ha aiutati e cosa no, cosa potrebbe essere ulteriormente sviluppato e cosa andrebbe modificato. Eccone una selezione:

We needed to understand which aspects of our company dynamics were responsible for impeding or limiting its development and growth. And so we asked Ricchezze Umane and Corrado Docente to give us a hand. Corrado’s experience and skill at moving within people’s psychological and emotional spheres exposed habits and fears which had been interfering with the quality and efficiency of work and relationships. We acquired a greater awareness of our limits, but also of our positive qualities, identifying our assets and areas which needed improvement. The result was more efficiency in the workplace and more personal effectiveness. Corrado is a sensitive coach, precise and very direct, coherent and determined to achieve pre-established objectives. He is also an outstanding motivator.

M.G. Delegated Administrator

Our company, which works in the fashion sector, needed to be better organized in the very heart of the organization. Several departments and key players were involved, sometimes working as though they were isolated and with limited team spirit. Communication was also ineffective. Ricchezze Umane intervened using Team Coaching on the actual team we had formed. We worked on genuine communication between the parties, characterized by deep reciprocal respect, taking nothing for granted, creating an atmosphere of more frank and fluid communication. Corrado manages to bring motivation into the foreground, together with a skill for rationally analysing problems and accompanying the client on course to arriving at the solutions on its own.

N.S. Foreign Sales Manager

I would like to thank Ricchezze Umane and particularly Corrado Docente for the work they performed within our organisation. In 2010, our company found itself in an important phase of passage and felt it necessary to seek help in order to proceed in its development. After several meetings with Corrado, the other two members of the company and I unanimously decided to embark on a course of change. The main area of concern was management, with a 360° vision of the whole company. The company needed to:


  • create a new horizontal leadership which would allow a clear organisational vision
  • define precise objectives and the best strategies to achieve them
  • increase and enhance the company’s potential as well as that of all of the people who work within the system.



With Ricchezze Umane’s Corporate Coaching and Corrado Docente’s experience, we were able to bring out and express our potential. During our collaboration, both functional and non-functional habits of all players involved in the project and the effects they have on job performance, consciously or subconsciously, were brought to light. Personally, I became more conscious of my limits, but more importantly, of my positive qualities and consequently my self esteem increased. I was able to clearly identify areas which needed work as well as my strong points. The other members of the organisation who participated in the project also benefited, acquiring consciouness and incentive to increase their own potential. All in all, the organisation experienced these winds of change which lead to increased efficiency and effectiveness in the company’s operations. Corrado’s coaching style was always stimulating and engaging, clear in defining its objectives and determined in achieving them, with particular attention to the human factor. Thank you.

C.G. Administrative Advisor


We worked with Ricchezze Umane during a period of company reorganisation, in particular on improving our work as a team in one of our organization’s most vital processes, redefining roles and responsibilities of people who already worked together but performed different jobs. What impressed me most about Corrado and his colleague’s work was their competence and constant attention to individual needs, always present during explanations and analysis of the various themes developed during the course. By actively involving the players, they create an environment favourable to discovering the path to follow together. They keep the group concentrated on the given theme. They never lose an opportunity to emphasize the continually alternating dynamics, re-establishing equilibrium during moments of tension, retrieving and re-asserting the objectives when the group slips off track, firmly managing difficult situations. They gently bring to attention areas in need of improvement so that the players can interact best in a living organisation like the company. During our collaboration, I personally developed an awareness of stimuli which in time lead to changes in individuals, changes which are often refused and yet should be accepted; this can be difficult but is by no means impossible. Sharing is more often than not favourable to imposing, and involving others is motivating and well rewarded. I also acquired tools and methods of understanding and accepting my areas in need of improvement and ways to work on them. After Ricchezze Umane’s intervention, feedback became a major tool of leadership and communication.

M.P. Administration and Finance Manager

I met Corrado Docente at a seminar and several years later had the good fortune to meet up with him again during a dramatic moment in my work with the company I had established 15 years earlier. From the start, Corrado demonstrated skills and a strong perspective vision which convinced me we would benefit from collaboration with Ricchezze Umane. The intervention was initially intended for myself and just a few others. I benefited immediately from their ample and explosive vision and felt the moment was ripe to embrace this innovative undertaking. The work was often demanding and directed not only at the needs and goals of the company, but also involved intensive work on myself as a person. As its pioneer, I had been a strong influence on its progress and the company structure. Corrado was always right beside each individual he dealt with, without losing sight of the actual needs of the company. He began working with management and subsequently with the formation of a small group of leading players, effectively using DoLquest assessment as he moved on to all the other areas. The technical, commercial, production, logistics and administrative departments were all at some level involved in the process of bringing clarity to the confused, pioneering company structure as well as each person’s role, responsibilities and opportunities towards the company and of the company’s towards the market. The intervention permitted many of the participants to acquire greater awareness of their own leadership skills within their specific roles and to further experiment with his or her own success by opening the doors to personal challenges. Corrado lead us on a necessary personal journey away from feelingvictimized in certain professional situations towards feeling protagonists, capable of putting our strong points to their best use. The creation of a work team explored effective means of communication, enabling productive interchange between people of opposing attitudes and conflicting characters. Today, the company exhibits a sound sense of collaboration, able to achieve objectives crossing various roles. Corrado never hesitated to confront each and every challenge presented by the organization and its members, easily recognizing those receptive to effective coaching, and those whose old, easy habits would make change more difficult. Corrado Docente, with his ample bag of human and professional tools, radically transformed our organization. His coaching style is frank, direct and effective, supportive on one hand yet perseverant towards necessary change on the other. Never harsh, always clear, his moves were always based on the needs of the coachee. Corrado leads towards change with clearly defined steps and attainable goals. I would like to add that his work on individual mechanisms, or the double bind, and on professional, karmic research reaches an almost disconcerting depth, and opens up the possibility of working towards profound change, modifying habits of which one is subconsciously victim. The use of Tricoaching in this context was extremely effective in exposing ones tendencies and those of the organization in which one works.

V.T. Entrepreneur